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As the daughter of two artists I was exposed to all things art-related at an early age and quickly fell in love. However, it was'nt until my freshman yeeear of college at the University of Delaware that I discovered my passion forphotography. it took one semester lockwed in the dark room developing my film and I was booked. I experimented with black and white the first year but quickly moved onto color where I felt my work really started to come alive. My junior year I participated in the Photography study abroad program in New Zealand. There I road tripped throughout the country for an entire month seeking out the most amazing scenes to be photographed. In New Zealand taking pictures was like breathing, as you didn't want to miss a single shot. After the trip I declared my concentration in Fine Arts as Photography at school and the rest is history. Todays, two years after graduation I reside in Arden Wilmington and enjoy photographing the surrounding nature as well as my one year old daughter Skye. I have recently begun shooting weddings, as well as family portraits, pregnancy shoots and other veents. Being able to document a time in someones life is an honor to me. I do my best to individualize each shootI takeon. I utilize perspective, natural lighting and any unique aspects of the environment to create the best photographic interpretation possible.

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